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Voice Mail or Personal Note?

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How about both! We suggest that you contact past clients and leads by placing calls first thing in the morning. Set aside time each day for this. You will likely reach their voice mail, so leave a short friendly message and the follow this up with a personal note via mail a day or two later. This takes 5 minutes per client or lead each week. You will find great returns on your investment of time.


What Feedback Do You Get?

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As we all know, an ideal showing would result in a quick sale and several referrals. You can increase the positive outcomes of your showings with showing feedback. We have feedback tools that can be leveraged for price reductions, staging, referrals and recruiting. We can share ideas and implement many of these tools for you. Just ask!


Delete Toxic Clients

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The most successful businesses turn down business. Learn to just say NO to toxic clients or prospects. In our coding system, they are marked as Client - D with address, phone, and email deleted along with a nice long note of why we never want to work with them again. Have a great Friday and delete a toxic client to end your week.


If you are a top agent, we recommend that you use all the low cost listing marketing tools at your disposal. Besides having your listings on Zillow and Trulia for free, they both have low-cost options for $20-50/month for premium exposure and advertisements on specific zip codes. If you do over 20 listings per year, we recommend this option. Email for details.


It appears that it is time to put on your selling cap! Applications to buy a home or refinance a loan jumped 33.4 percent last week, according to a report by the Mortgage Banker’s Association. This jump is directly related to the lowering of interest rates after the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac takeovers. The federal government has been trying to help the real estate market by attempting to force interest rates down for months, but with little effect. With the takeover they were able to push the rates down to a 5 month low. Last week, the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan dropped to 5.82 percent. Let’s hope this trend continues!

With the increase in business you are sure to have, remember Best Agent Business is here to help increase the time you spend with all those new buyers!


Did you know we can help you blog? We can create blogs on ActiveRain, RealTown, your website and other sites. We can write, edit, research, post, and do social networking to improve your SEO rankings. Just send an email to Steve Kantor or your Key Assistant and tell us your blogging needs. We suggest a budget of 1-2 hours a week or about $1000-$2000 per year.


How Are Your Financials?

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Did you know we offer full accounting services for our clients? We can use QuickBooks Online to organize and manage your business finances. Cost: About 10 hours to get started and about 2-5 hours of accounting work per month. Agents who produce monthly financials and have a budget often generate higher net profit than those who throw a shoe box of receipts at their accountant once a year in a rush. Email for more details.


Best Agent Business begins...

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Best Agent Business provides part-time virtual assistants to top real estate agents.