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Many business owners have big dreams of success. They have so many ideas that putting them all in action can get a little messy. When you lose focus and things start to get bungled, your best ideas can fall apart.

Having great ideas is a good thing, but not organizing them and getting some focus to carrying out those ideas can result in problems. You need to set up a plan so that you can follow through with ideas. This will allow you to make better use of your ideas and actually end up getting results from them.

Focus is the key to making ideas work. When you have focus you can get things done. You can accomplish goals and you can make those ideas work for you.

Your ideas can be amazing, but just having something in mind won’t get things done. You need a plan of action. You need things scheduled and organized. Only then can your amazing ideas produce amazing results that will get you and your business on the path to success.


Long term listing leads can be a great source of money or disappointment. If you do not track them and keep up with them then you are not alone. Most agents walk away from or lose 10 to 50% of their long term listing leads. To keep on top of things you have to stop dropping the ball.

You should be tracking them and staying active. On leads you lose, you need to find out why you lost them so you can fix the problem and not lose out in the future. You also need to constantly keep an eye on them. Figure out what you need to do with them. Watch for future expired status. Identify those sellers who may be ready in 6 to 24 months.

You need to be doing regular monthly emails and mailings to your long term listings leads. You have to stay on top of things. This is a great job for an assistant to do.

No matter what you need to not lose out on a 10 to 50% increase in profit because you lost these leads. Don’t drop the ball! Stick with it and you could get a nice pay off.


Are You Using Craigslist?

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One of the largest and most beneficial online tools for real estate agents is Craigslist. Are you using Craigslist? Top agents are using it for listing marketing. It is a way to reach thousands of people with one targeted ad. You can list in almost every major city in the United States. Craigslist is something that you must incorporate in your marketing plan if you really are serious about making it to the top.

You should be posting listings at Craigslist every week. You can post once a week or if you are really advantageous about it you can post up to three times a week. One perk of Craigslist is that it is low cost. You will be getting a lot in return for each marketing dollar that you spend.

Using Craigslist is something top agents are doing. You have to really start to diversify your listings marketing if you want to be a success and Craigslist can be part of that diversification plan. You just need to get started and post today.