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The Welcome Wagon!

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New people move into your farm market on a regular basis. Are you reaching out to them? You may not have been the real estate agent who sold them their house, but you might be the one who sells the next one to them!

Keep track of new home buyers in your community, and make a point to greet them. Welcome them to the town or neighborhood. Take along a house warming gift of some local treats or a nicely put together community guide. Share with them some of your favorite places around town. Invite them to any upcoming community event that you know of.

If your community doesn’t have a welcome wagon program, look into working cooperatively with some other area businesses to establish one. This will reduce your cost and increase the impact of your visit, not to mention it may help someone who is feeling shy about their new surroundings. And they will remember you for the warm welcome!


Write Them Down!

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Setting your goals is important. Writing them down is even more important! When they are written, you can look at them everyday, you can review them periodically, you will not forgot what they were because they are always on that paper! You can even record them to a CD or your MP3 player and listen to them daily.

When you achieve these goals, keep them where you can see them and then improve upon them. If you don’t achieve a goal, and if it is still realistic, carry it over to your list for the next year. After several years you will be able to look back and see what you have done and how you have succeeded in most of your goals. You can learn more about setting goals and achieving them by signing up for our Top Agent Goals series.

Pat Hiban, a real estate agent who is featured in our book Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned, has become a success thanks to his goal setting. You can watch his goal setting video below.


Is REO for you?

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Are foreclosures a large chunk of the market share in your area? If they are, then you should have an REO market segment. REO stands for Real Estate Owned and it is real estate that has failed to sell in a foreclosure auction. The mortgage company owns it and they want to sell it.

Take a look at the market in your area. If foreclosures are above 20%, then it is time for you to get into REO sales. Best Agent Business has helped several clients increase their REO business by assisting with research, marketing, and leads. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.


Top Agent Goals

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Goal writing and goal setting is a critical aspect of success in real estate and all aspects of life. Many people have goals in their heads, but very few write them down and review them regularly.

During an interview with Lacey of PR Web Podcast, Steve Kantor, Best Agent Business president, discusses the importance of goal setting. Nearly all of the top real estate agents interviewed by Best Agent Business have used detailed yearly goals to achieve their current position in the industry. Best Agent Business has taken the lessons learned about goal setting and packaged them in an email series that is available for no cost to the subscriber.

Top Agent Goals has the primary purpose of teaching you how to write down and organize your goals and encouraging you to stay on track with them. You can even share your annual goals with us for free feedback on how to improve or achieve them. To subscribe to this free service, send an email to You can listen to the interview or learn more about goal setting at the Top Agent Goals website.


A New Year—A New Set of Goals

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Happy New Year! I hope you have chosen to use goals this year, rather than a pile of resolutions that will easily be forgotten. If your goals are not firm, or little more than a fleeting thought, it is not too late to get a good start on your new year by taking an hour or two to sit down and write them out.

What will your goals help you do?

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase focus

  • Balance your life

  • Improve your real estate business

  • Improve your health

  • Improve your relationships

  • Improve your finances

  • Improve your personal life

So what do you have to loose? Take some time today to write out your goals and then develop a plan to achieve them. Sign up for our Top Agent Goals Newsletter for regular tips on maintaining and achieving your goals.