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The current real estate market has everyone wondering if an end is near. It can be tough to make your business progress and grow in a market that is just not performing. You don't have to just take the losses, though. A good agent can flourish in a slow market if they are willing to just put in some extra effort.

Here are some great tips that you can use to make your business a success in a market that seems to be failing:

 Understand that you will have to work a bit harder because easy transactions are far and few between. People may not be coming to you as they used to, so be willing to go out there and drum up your own business.
Put your best foot forward at all times. Buyers and sellers are going to be very picky. You will have to show them you have the skills and the ability to help them.
 Take this time to make improvements. If you have been wanting to upgrade things in your office or do some rearranging within your business then now is a great time to handle those things. Improving your business will pay off down the road and with some extra time on your hands you can now do those things on your to do list.
Reconnect with past clients. Send out cards, make calls, get connected with people that you have not spoken to in a while. Work on your database. Clean out inactive contacts and work on updating contact information.
 Look to markets that you may not be familiar with. You should look into markets like expireds and FSBO. It is a great time to expand your knowledge and try something new.

All good agents are going to be working hard. They will be trying to make their business benefit from the slow period. If you want to be part of the group of top agents that will come out of this market slow down, then you have to keep working and not let this market get you down.


How to Tackle Commission Cuts

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There will come a time when a seller wants to discuss cutting your commission. This is never a pleasant topic and one that most agents would rather never deal with. However, in a tough market it will be more likely to come up and you have to know how to deal with it.

Start by being prepared before speaking with a seller or even starting a deal. You need to make sure that you inform sellers about the current market and about pricing. You want to make sure they understand how the market is and what they should expect trying to sell in the current market.

Make sure you know your company’s policy about commission cuts. If you are not sure then find out. You don’t want to end up with a huge problem if you don’t follow protocol and policies set by your company.

Lastly, you have to believe that you are worth every bit of your commission. You need to make the seller see that you deserve every penny of that money. When you believe in yourself and the seller believes in you then commission cuts are not as likely to ever be brought up.


We are in the midst of a great buyer’s market and you probably have faced many negotiations. Sellers want to get as much as they can and many times lowering prices makes them uneasy. They may ask you to take a cut in commission so they can get as much profit as possible. Do you know how to ensure you don’t take the fall for the buyer’s market?

Here are some tips to help you out:

- Know your stuff. In any type of negotiation the person who has the most information is usually who wins. You need information in order to negotiate and to help the seller to understand why pricing is set where it is and all the other factors of the reality of the situation.

- Don’t put your commission out there as a bargaining tool. Don’t even tell the seller you will drop your commission rate. If you don’t offer it then many people won’t bother asking.

- Keep a positive attitude. It is essential to project an attitude that says things will work out. It puts the seller at ease and gives them hope that they will end up in a good place.

Follow these three tips and you should be able to better deal with nervous and worried sellers who fear they will be on the losing end if and when their house sells without having to take the fall yourself.


The real estate market may not be booming these days, but a good agent knows where to look for opportunity. One market segment that offers you great opportunity right now is the second home market.

The second home market is the baby boomer generation who are realizing that the time has come to buy a second home. Some people will get a vacation home, while others are strictly looking to invest in another property. Either way, the second home market is the place to be if you want to stay a top agent.

Baby boomers make up a huge chunk of the population. They are the highest earners and they are ready for something different in their lives as they approach retirement age. They are prime for buying real estate and the price is not going to be their deciding factor.

You have more opportunity to sell top dollar homes to baby boomers. They will be looking for amazing homes, loaded with amenities and features. You can really move some of your higher priced homes as second homes.

If you have yet to move into this market segment then now is the time to get started. Get out there and feel out the second home market in your area. See if you can start bringing in clients and getting those second home sales. You should notice a big difference in your business and your profits.


Years ago, a real estate agent was simply an agent. You sold real estate, networked with clients, set up beautiful staging, and sold houses. Today’s real estate market is much different. There are more agents than ever and it takes much more than just being a traditional agent to make it.

Today, you have to be a business. It is not enough to know how to sell a house or get new clients. You have to know the business inside and out. This means knowing everything from marketing to budgeting.

To stay on top in the real estate market today, you need to think like a business owner first. Everyday you need to focus on your business. Being an agent is secondary. Things have changed and without the right approach and a chance in focus, you will drown amongst the agents that are business minded.