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You can shape your own business through careful planning. You should try setting up a solid business plan that includes a good future forecast.

A good example is to create a super focus farm marketing demographic of 100 people maximum. Each of these people should bring in $50k of GCI and invest $50 each in the market yearly. This is a long term plan that creates income and builds your business.

You have to make a good plan that focuses on your goals and brings in good income to find success in your business.


Timing is Everything in Business

By Best Agent Business

In business and in life it is true that things happen at the time they are supposed to. You can not rush anything no matter how bad you want to close the deal. If it is not the right time, then it will not work out.

It is important that you understand the critical nature of making deals at the right time. Not only does it ensure everyone is satisfied with the deal, but it speaks volumes about your ability to do business and your business manner.

People want to deal with someone who will respect them. Being pushy does not gain any respect. If you are willing to work through a deal you will come out in the end with respect and a solid deal.


Another Employee Delegation Tip

By Best Agent Business

Part of building your business and becoming successful is understanding how much time and money to dedicate to certain tasks. It is a huge waste of money to delegate simple tasks to overqualified employees. It is much more efficient to hire assistants to handle medial tasks, leaving your highly trained employees to handle their specific tasks.

One situation where delegation can work in your favor is if you run a brokerage and a team. You should delegate brokerage management work instead of handling it yourself as it is not something where your talents are put to good work and something that can easily be handled by another team member.

As you grow your business and reach for success you will find that taking care of the little things makes your business flow more smoothly and helps you on that road to success.


Put Employees in the Right Job

By Best Agent Business

You have a range of people on your team and they each have their own unique abilities and skills. It is important that you ensure you have your employees in the right position to take advantage of their skills.

Ensuring you have employees in the right positions will also help you save time and money. Plus you will find your business runs more smoothly and efficiently.

A good example of a common mistake with employee delegation is using buyer's agents to show houses. You are paying around $100 to $200 for them to do a job they are overqualified for. You could be using a showing agent for $20 an hour instead.

Save time, money and keep employees productive by making sure you put them in the right jobs that match their talents.


Saving money on marketing is always a good thing, but you have to be careful to find a way to do it that will not hurt the effectiveness. One great idea is to team up with local vendors offering home services. They are just as eager as you are to welcome newcomers to the area, so you both benefit from a joint marketing effort.

Start by seeking out popular, in demand vendors who you would like to be associated with and pitch your idea. You will find many vendors will be willing to work with you.

You can piggyback on their advertising campaigns for much less than it would cost to do your own campaign. They fund most of the marketing costs and you still get effective advertising. It is a win-win situation.


Rethink Your Advertising Budget

By Best Agent Business

The key to effective marketing is to reach potential clients where it is most likely they will be looking. Things have changed when it comes to marketing and if you have not made adjustments to what you spend your marketing dollars on then you may be wasting time and money.

Newspapers and magazines are having a rough time these days because people are just not reading them like they used to. The majority of people go to the internet for the information they need.

This is valuable information for you when it comes to advertising. You should cut your print advertising to 10% maximum of your total marketing budget. You can even cut it out altogether. There is no benefit in spending too much money on advertising that is no longer effective.

You will not only save money on advertising efforts, but you will be more effective in your efforts because your time will be spent marketing where people will be most likely to see it.


Stay on Top Even in a Tough Market

By Best Agent Business

There is no doubt this is a tough market, but for top agents that is a challenge not a road block. Instead of focusing on the bad aspects take this opportunity to seek out new clients.

Look for clients who are move-up buyers. You want clients with solid credit who are in the right position to buy in this troubled market.

You have to show them why it is still a good time to buy and sell real estate. Explain that they may lose when they sell, but they will save when buying. In the end, it is a winning situation for them. While they may lose $20K when they sell, they can turn around and save $50K when they buy so they are still coming out with a win.

Do not let a tough market drag you down. A top agent is always looking for a way to turn a seemly bad situation into a situation where they and the client both benefit.


Your business is highly reliant on leads. You have to stay focused on getting leads and then following them. How do you record and keep track of your leads? A Best Agent Business Green Money Lead Sheet is your key to staying organized. Using one will allow you to stay on top of all your leads.

A Green Money Lead Sheet can be handy. You can keep one with you so you can use it no matter where you are. It is perfect for helping you keep track of the leads you gather whether you are in or out of the office.

Do not miss out on using this great idea. With a Green Money Lead Sheet you are more likely to keep a written record of all your leads which will result in you being able to track your leads more efficiently.