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Give More Than you Take

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It is just a common part of human nature to want to receive more than you give, but it is a habit that you must break. Anyone who is top in their business knows the key is about giving more than taking. When you adopt a giving attitude you will see changes in how people approach you and how they treat you.

So, how do you give more than you take? It is actually quite simple. Approach all interactions with others by thinking about what you can do for them instead of thinking about what you want from them. If you only give a little that is fine. Soon you will develop a natural approach to giving and it will become second nature.

When you give to others they will appreciate you more and be more willing to help you out when you do need something. It can be difficult at first to develop a habit of giving, but it is so worth it in the long run. Start today by giving something - an idea, a helping hand - to everyone you interact with today and do not ask for anything in return. You will be amazed at the results.


Have you ever wondered what your clients think about you? Have you ever thought that maybe you are not doing all that you can for your clients? If you have ever just wanted to know what your clients opinions are about you then you need to get proatvie with your customer service calls.

Stop asking them about how they are doing and start asking how you are doing. When you start asking them what they think about you it shows that you really do care. Your clients will see that you are interested in providing them the best possible service.

Making proactive customer service calls turns the tables. Instead of you trying to figure out what the client wants, you will be told straight from their own mouth what they want. This can do wonders for your business, so get proactive today!


Many agents fail to see the many benefits of focusing in on client marketing. Instead agents are insistent upon sticking with lead generation as their main form of marketing. When you are willing to actually look at what client marketing gives you, then you will see that your efforts should be focused there instead.

Client marketing is more cost efficient than lead generation. With client marketing you are paying out at about 5% of your marketing costs and with lead generation you are paying out 10 to 30%. That is a huge savings right there.

That is not all, though. Client marketing is easier to manage and to delegate. It is much easier to track and measure your efforts. Plus it allows you to reap major benefits from your client database.

Let’s look at the financial aspects, since marketing is all about what you can gain. With client marketing you should generate 4 to 10 closed deals per year. That is a total of 20 to 50 closings per year. It is well worth your time and energy.

Client marketing is something that every agent must be doing. If you are not doing client marketing then you are missing out on the possibility of getting those guaranteed leads that will end up as closed deals and profit for your business.


Any good agent knows that establishing a personal connection with your clients is important. Sometimes making that personal connection doesn’t have to mean hours on the phone or tons of face time. Sometimes making a personal connection can be as simple as one small change in your direct marketing campaign.

Back before computers and telephones, people either communicated in person or through postal mail. Handwritten letters have given way to emails and it seems that that personal connection has been lost. Many people miss the personal feel of a handwritten letter and they yearn for those old days when people sent you something in the mail because they really wanted to reach out to you.

You can use this sense of nostalgia to help you make a big impact on your clients. You do not have to hand write out every flyer or letter you send. That would not only be time consuming, but we all know how handwriting is much more difficult to read than typed items. You can still type of your letters or other mailings to make them clean and easy to read, but you can insert a bit of familiarity by hand addressing your envelopes and other mailings.

Think of the impact it can make when a client goes to their mail and sees a hand addressed envelope. They will probably rush to open it just to see who sent them a letter. It will fuel their excitement and will help you to get their attention. This small change can make a big impact on your business and on your relationship with your clients.


Real estate agents do four types of work. These four types of work are:

- not doing anything
- doing what you should not be doing
- doing assistant work
- doing sales work

Top agents skip the first three types and focus their efforts on the last one. However, most agents spend too much time trying to spread themselves out over all four categories.

Agents not doing anything are wasting their valuable time. Maybe there is a lapse in demanding work, but that does not mean that there is nothing to do. There is always something to do and it should be sales related.

Doing work of an assistant is simply a waste of resources. If you are doing assistant work then what are your assistants doing? Are you paying people to sit around? If you do not have enough assistants then get more. You should never waste your talents on work that can be done by an assistant.

Focus in on sales work. That is what you should always be doing. If you think you have nothing to do then work on leads, touch base with clients or do something that will help further your business.

Wasting your time is not productive and not helping your business. Do not let busy work keep you from doing real work that is going to help you grow your business.


A mystery shop is when someone goes to your website and uses like a real visitor, but they are evaluating it the whole time. What this mystery shop does is allow you to see your website from the point of view of a visitor. If you have not done a mystery shop of your website then it is something that you must have done.

A mystery shop will give you instant feedback about what is good and what is bad about your website. You will find out if your website is user friendly and if it is welcoming to a visitor. You will learn if the visitor can easily get their questions asked or if they feel like they are left with questions after visiting your website.

During a mystery shop the visitor will be using the forms you have available. They will be acting just like a regular visitor that is interested in using your website to buy or sell a home. If something is not working then they will let you know.

You take all the information that the mystery shopper gives you and you end up with pointers that you can use to make your website better. You will be able to correct problems and address issues to make your website user friendly. A mystery shop puts you in a great position to ensure that your website is representing you and your business in the best light.


There are many different tasks in your business that you simply cannot handle everything on your own. You may hire assistants or even other agents to work in your business for you. These employees may handle many of the tasks that you cannot handle yourself. However, there is another option that you can try to get help in your business and make the best use of your budget.

At home workers are quickly becoming a valuable business resource. Agents who discover the usefulness of at home workers will not only get more work done in less time, but also spend less money doing it. At home workers are not permanent employees. They are contracted to do a specific job for you. They are paid to do that specific job for the specified time. Instead of having a part time employee that you must pay by the hour handle a task, you can set aside a specific amount of money and hire at home workers to handle the task.

It is well worth learning more about at home workers and the type of tasks that they can handle. You will find out that you can get a lot of quality work from at home workers for a smaller price then you would ever pay an actual employee.


Figure Out Your Unique Talents

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Your unique talents are what will make your business unique. You need to figure out quickly what your unique talents are. Once you figure them out you should explore them and work with them to perfect them.

Your unique talents are the things that you are naturally inclined to do. Perhaps you are a good communicator or you love to work with people. Maybe you have a great eye for staging or you can sell anything. Everyone has unique talents, so it is all about finding out what yours are.

Once you have defined your unique talents, you must start working on perfecting them. Attend seminars or take classes that relate to your unique talents. Do what you can to make yourself better at doing them.

The time you spend working on your unique talents is time invested in your business. In the end, your unique talents will help you grow your business and become a successful real estate agent.