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2009 Market Trends

By Best Agent Business

You know how important it is to stay on top of the trends each year. For 2009, it seems the market is heading towards trends in buyer leads, expireds, REO/short sales and client marketing. These four areas need attention if you want to get ahead this year.

You probably have client marketing well in hand or at least have a good plan in place since this is always a focus. That means you can focus in on the other three coming trends.

Are you ready to focus on buyer leads, expireds and REO/short sales? If you are not efficient and active in all three of these areas then it may be time to seek out some additional assistance. Getting on top of the trends beforehand will give you an edge and allow you to reach your goals for 2009.


What Do You Do With Expireds?

By Best Agent Business

Sometimes it is not in your best interest or the best interest of your business to work expireds. There are a few things you should consider before you spend the time working expireds. Only about 20% of agents should be working expireds.

If your market has more than 30% of the listings in your market are expireds then you probably should spend time on them. Your personality may also lend you better to working with expireds. If you like to win a sale and love a challenge then expireds might be right up your alley. You also have to be willing to invest the time needed on expireds. This means spending 30 minutes each day calling and being aggressive with your sales tactics.

Expireds are not for everyone, but if you fit any of the above criteria then you may just have a chance making some good profit off of them.


Humans are by nature very visual beings. You can probably attest to the fact that seeing something usually works better than reading about it or simply hearing about it. When you see something, it sticks in your mind and it seems more personal and real to you.

The use of video emails as a way to reach out to clients is very personal. It is something they are probably not used to and it is a welcome change from simple email messages.

Video emails are not too hard to create either. All it takes is a webcam and microphone. Many of you probably already have those things built into your laptop. In no time you can learn how to create a video email.

You can make video emails for each client as a personal way to connect with them and stay in touch. It allows you that personal touch with the ease of an email.


Roll Out the Welcome Wagon

By Best Agent Business

Are there new people moving into your market? Have you met them? Have you tried to welcome them? If you think new residents are a waste of time, then you are missing out on an important segment of the market.

You might think that they just bought a house and do not need a new one anytime soon, but you know how things go. They will eventually need a new home. You can let them go back to the agent who sold them their home or you can swoop in and become their new agent.

Become a welcome wagon for new home buyers. You can bring a small house warmer gift, share local news with them and help them with suggestions about things to do. Become a friend so when they go to buy again they come to you.


Lead management is essential to your business, but you know that. What you may not know is how best to manage your leads. You may be losing leads, mismanaging leads or simply not getting the full advantage of them if you are not managing them correctly.

Proper lead management focuses on the three main concepts of lead capture, lead tracking, and accountability. You need a lead management system that can provide you with help in all three of those areas.

When you lack one of the key concepts in your lead management system you are not doing all you can. Leads keep your business going. In most cases your leads are directly tied to your business success, so do not risk it. Find a good lead management system to keep your business on track.


Your franchise annual conference may have fallen at a bad time for you or maybe you could just not make it. That does not mean you have to completely miss out what happened.

The annual conference is a time to learn and see where the franchise is going. You can get a lot of great information and you actually need this information to stay on top.

Instead of skipping it completely, get a copy of the conference presentations and read them. This will give you the information you missed and help ensure you are current on what is going on within your franchise.


You know that having a listing strategy is important. You know that it needs to keep you competitive and help you to grow your business. What you may not know is how to make a winning listing strategy.

Decide your listing strategy approach for all your sales by looking at the market trends in your area. Combine the trends to match your skills and you should end up with a listing strategy that will take you to the top this year.

This may seem like a simple idea, but many agents lose sight of the importance of using trends and skills to form their strategies. It is easy to get lost trying to keep up with others. Focus on yourself and what you can do to take advantage of the current market trends.


Be Careful in a Husband - Wife team

By Best Agent Business

Being able to work with your husband or wife is a perk of being in the real estate business. You know each other very well and can play off each others personalities and skills to form an amazing team.

The downside of a husband - wife team is that many times delegating tasks is not done properly. The most common mistake is spending too much time on assistant tasks.

You have to keep a business mind at all times. Make sure you both are using your unique talents and not wasting time on tasks that assistants could handle.

You have great potential as a husband - wife team, but you have to be careful to avoid common downfalls that can cost you money.


Get Ready for the Buyer Boom

By Best Agent Business

There is no doubt that it has been a buyer’s market for a while now, but we have not seen the best of it yet. A buyer boom is coming and you need to be ready.

To be tops within the industry you will need to grab up those clients who are ready and able to buy. You need to get ready with leverage now. You should develop a system that allows you to come out on top and make the most of the buyer boom.

Having a system in place now will make you able to be at the forefront of the buyer boom where you can turn an amazing profit.