One of the hardest jobs as a manager is to manage people. It may seem odd to say that, but it is easy to manage numbers and facts because they can not argue back and no emotions are involved. It takes someone special to be able to interact with people and manage them well.

As a top agent, you have to be able to hold your staff accountable for their actions. They need led and taught. You have to make sure they are on top of things and that they are doing their job well. There is no point in having a staff if you can not rely on them to do a good job.

If your staff is falling apart, then it means your business is falling apart. You cannot have a successful business if you do not have a staff that is functioning well. You may have to fire people, make changes to workloads, and hire new people. In the end, it is your decision how to manage your staff, because it is your business on the line.