In the last post we talked about the importance of delegating tasks. There was no specific mention of what to delegate, though. Not all tasks should be delegated. You already know that you should work on the important tasks, the real money making tasks. Another thing you have to keep in your own hands is the financials of your business. Never, ever delegate the financial controls of your business.

You can not trust anyone when it comes to money. Too many business owners have thought they could trust their staff and ended up being ripped off for large amounts of money. Reclaiming stolen funds is difficult if not impossible, so do not even risk it.

The financial controls of your business is a very important task. Not only do you need to handle them to keep from having problems with theft, but part of being a business owner is understanding how your business is doing financially. If you do not handle the financials then you will not see where changes need to be made or where problems are starting to occur.

The financial aspect of your business needs your direct attention. You can get assistance with it from a professional, but you should always be right in there, learning and watching what is going on.