Every top agent knows that appearance is important. It is important when selling a house, so you do staging. It is important when you show houses to potential clients, so you dress nicely. Do you know what is also important in your business? You need to show that your business is solid and stable by keeping a consistent staff. High turnover of employees can give your business a bad image.

You need to start off strong. When you hire a new assistant or an agent to work for you, make sure that you do a complete interview and background check. You want to be sure that this person is capable of handling the tasks you will be giving them and that they have the proper attitude to work in your business.

You want to keep on top of new employees. Check in with them often and ensure that they are happy working with you. You want to address issues right away and try to keep your office a great place to work.

When you start to see a cycle where you are losing employees and hiring new employees, then you must take action. You have to find out what is wrong. It could be the people you hire or it could be a problem in the office. By staying alert and ensuring your employees like working for you, you can keep a stable team.

Having the same people there all the time will give clients and potential clients a better feeling about your business. It will also help them to be able to trust in you and believe that you can handle their needs.