Most home buyers know when buying a home that they will need to purchase homeowners insurance to help protect their new asset. There is something you may want to warn new homeowners about, though. Not all damages will be covered under a homeowners insurance policy.

If you are selling in a rural area with a lot of cows, then listen up because you should be warning homeowners against damage that is not covered – “acts of cow”.

That's right. A homeowner in Tennessee recently found out that his homeowners policy did not cover damage done by a cow. A neighbor had cows in a nearby pasture and the fence came close to homeowners property. A mischievous cow would lean through the fence and get to the home. The cow managed to ruin screens, crack glass and even pull down a gutter. The cow did all this with his tongue.

So, just take this warning and be sure if you sell a house near a cow pasture that the new homeowners get insurance that offers protection against “acts of cow”.