Yeah, the market is sure not the best these days, but you are probably selling nice, normal homes. How much harder do you think things would get if you were trying to sell some of the strangest houses on the market. These are not your average family homes. There are floating homes, homes that are built like a castle and homes with all sorts of interesting features, from ice cream parlors to bowling alleys.

Most of the strange homes on the market were once the idea of the original owner. They were eccentric ideas that catered to the owner's preferences and desires. For some reason, though, the owner decided that the home no longer met their needs and put it on the market. Now some lucky or unlucky agent, depending on how you look at it, has the job of trying to sell this odd property to someone else.

Selling a unique piece of real estate is certainly a challenge in any market, but in this market it is almost impossible. Most custom built homes sell for much higher prices than your average home. In a market where everyone is trying to get the lowest price possible and home buyers are sticking with only practical styles of homes, selling a home that boosts an elevator, an amphitheater or a secret tunnel entrance is not easy.

So, when you are having a really bad day and feel like you haven't sold a thing for weeks, just think about those poor agents who are struggling to sell impossible property in a hard market. That will probably make you feel a little better about your situation.

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