The internet is a wonderful thing. The number of leads you can generate from having a website, blog and online listings is amazing. And it’s pretty easy to do; just subscribe to a real estate website, pick a template, fill in your name and address, and post your newest listings. Voila! You have internet business! Of course, you could double or triple your time spent online, operate several web sites and create unique content for each, publish several blogs, update your listings with lots of pictures and even use virtual tours! But what do you do with all those leads? If you overspend your time or budget on internet lead generation but do nothing with it, you have wasted leads and lost potential profit. Be sure to balance your internet improvement time with time spent calling, qualifying and resolving your new leads. You can do this yourself, or you can have someone else do it. There are many options, but did you know that we specialize in these areas as well? Best Agent Business can not only improve your website, write your blogs and post your listings, we can also follow up via email and phone with your new leads, passing the hot ones on to you.