Goal writing and goal setting is a critical aspect of success in real estate and all aspects of life. Many people have goals in their heads, but very few write them down and review them regularly.

During an interview with Lacey of PR Web Podcast, Steve Kantor, Best Agent Business president, discusses the importance of goal setting. Nearly all of the top real estate agents interviewed by Best Agent Business have used detailed yearly goals to achieve their current position in the industry. Best Agent Business has taken the lessons learned about goal setting and packaged them in an email series that is available for no cost to the subscriber.

Top Agent Goals has the primary purpose of teaching you how to write down and organize your goals and encouraging you to stay on track with them. You can even share your annual goals with us for free feedback on how to improve or achieve them. To subscribe to this free service, send an email to topagentgoals@aweber.com. You can listen to the interview or learn more about goal setting at the Top Agent Goals website.