Setting your goals is important. Writing them down is even more important! When they are written, you can look at them everyday, you can review them periodically, you will not forgot what they were because they are always on that paper! You can even record them to a CD or your MP3 player and listen to them daily.

When you achieve these goals, keep them where you can see them and then improve upon them. If you don’t achieve a goal, and if it is still realistic, carry it over to your list for the next year. After several years you will be able to look back and see what you have done and how you have succeeded in most of your goals. You can learn more about setting goals and achieving them by signing up for our Top Agent Goals series.

Pat Hiban, a real estate agent who is featured in our book Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned, has become a success thanks to his goal setting. You can watch his goal setting video below.