Managing client lists can be a huge task. It is an important one, though, and one that requires attention on a continuous basis. In order to keep your business alive and keep it growing, you have to have proper list management.

List management is more than adding names and making calls. It is about keeping the list current and making sure it is being used to its fullest potential.

Your client list needs to have labels, clearly marking each client with the next step in your dealings with them. You need to mark them with helpful information that will let you and your staff know exactly what is the next thing that will occur with that client.

You should have labels like:

- downsize

- upsize

- check in on new buy

- assist with staging

Whatever you will be doing next with the client should be marked on your client list. You want to have this list handy so that everyone can refer to it and be on the same page when interacting with clients.

Your client list will also serve as a to do list that will let you know when you need to contact clients and what type of contact it needs to be. A well managed client list can take you a long way in your business.