Marketing is a major part of your business. You can easily get carried away with 5, 10 or even more marketing segments. That is too much. You have to streamline your efforts to get results. The best thing to do is to limit yourself to just three marketing segments.

This allows you to stay focused. You can put more effort into three segments and you will get more from them. So, what three should you focus on?

- Focus on getting referrals and repeat business through client marketing.
- Get leads through one direct seller lead marketing segment.
- Don’t forget listing marketing.

When you narrow your focus and put your efforts into these three segments only, you will start to see more happen. Too often agents think they must diversify to grow their business. All that does is scatter your energy and overload you with too much.

Simplify and you will see just how big of an impact that can have. You will be more productive, more focused and your business will start growing.