Halloween makes for an amazing marketing opportunity. It is a fun holiday that allows you to be real creative with your marketing and try some out of the ordinary things. Take advantage of Halloween and kick your marketing efforts into high gear during the month of October.

A fun marketing idea that is sure to draw a large crowd is staging a Ghoul street. This is great f you have several listings in one neighborhood. Have the homes decorated in different homes. Make it a fun time by sending out a public invitation. Everyone comes and tours the decorated homes, enjoy a few treats and possibly even help you make a sale.

Another idea, if you are not into house decorating is using postcard marketing. Instead of the typical ho-hum postcard mailing, dress it up for Halloween. Try an eerie headline, a creepy design or even make the postcard an invite to a Halloween party.

Halloween is a very unique time of year. It is fun and a great theme for your marketing efforts. Don’t let the month of October pass you by without taking time to plan at least one big Halloween marketing event.