The real estate market may not be booming these days, but a good agent knows where to look for opportunity. One market segment that offers you great opportunity right now is the second home market.

The second home market is the baby boomer generation who are realizing that the time has come to buy a second home. Some people will get a vacation home, while others are strictly looking to invest in another property. Either way, the second home market is the place to be if you want to stay a top agent.

Baby boomers make up a huge chunk of the population. They are the highest earners and they are ready for something different in their lives as they approach retirement age. They are prime for buying real estate and the price is not going to be their deciding factor.

You have more opportunity to sell top dollar homes to baby boomers. They will be looking for amazing homes, loaded with amenities and features. You can really move some of your higher priced homes as second homes.

If you have yet to move into this market segment then now is the time to get started. Get out there and feel out the second home market in your area. See if you can start bringing in clients and getting those second home sales. You should notice a big difference in your business and your profits.