We are in the midst of a great buyer’s market and you probably have faced many negotiations. Sellers want to get as much as they can and many times lowering prices makes them uneasy. They may ask you to take a cut in commission so they can get as much profit as possible. Do you know how to ensure you don’t take the fall for the buyer’s market?

Here are some tips to help you out:

- Know your stuff. In any type of negotiation the person who has the most information is usually who wins. You need information in order to negotiate and to help the seller to understand why pricing is set where it is and all the other factors of the reality of the situation.

- Don’t put your commission out there as a bargaining tool. Don’t even tell the seller you will drop your commission rate. If you don’t offer it then many people won’t bother asking.

- Keep a positive attitude. It is essential to project an attitude that says things will work out. It puts the seller at ease and gives them hope that they will end up in a good place.

Follow these three tips and you should be able to better deal with nervous and worried sellers who fear they will be on the losing end if and when their house sells without having to take the fall yourself.