Following up on leads is a very important aspect of being a good agent. If you fail to follow up then you fail to ever turn a lead into a client. In many cases speed is the key to good follow up. You want to follow up with a lead as fast as possible so you don't lose the opportunity.

To help ensure speedy follow up you should start by making follow up a priority. You should set a time limit on following up on all leads. The NAR recommendation for lead follow up is 15 minutes and no longer than 24 hours. When you can follow up fast you will have the best chance of connecting with the client and becoming their agent.

Automate whatever you can.
If you are using email then set up an auto responder to reply immediately to a lead. Make sure that you keep it personal and offer them something of value, like neighborhood report or market news. Let them know you will be contacting them within the next 24 hours.

You need to have a plan in place on how you deal with leads. Having a good follow up plan can make a big difference in your business. You will find yourself with more clients and more money when you become a master at speedy follow up on leads.