Many agents don’t even deal with expireds, but for those that at least try it, many are failing. It is not because expireds are not a good market. Expireds can actually make you a lot of money. The trick is all in the timing.

When you hear about an expired listing do you jump right on it? Are you right on the phone making calls and trying to get face time with the homeowner? If you are doing this, have you noticed how many other agents you are up against?

It is common to want to jump right on an expired listing, but this is not the right time. Let it sit. Leave it alone for a couple months.

There are a few reasons to do this: 1) The homeowner is not likely to have had the best experience trying to sell their home and may have some bitter feelings towards agents. 2) The homeowner may not know what they want to do. These two reasons will either get you wrapped into a deal where the homeowner changes their mind or they are difficult to work with. It is much better to let them reorganize and figure out their plans before you jump right in.

You might be surprised at how many expireds sit for a few months before they ever go back on the market. The reasons above are why this happens. If you are there at that point when the homeowner has figured out what they want to do then you can grab up the expired and actually end up with a great listing.

Take a look at how you handle expireds. If you are making this big timing mistake then it is time for you to improve your expireds strategy.