As a real estate agent you probably do many different tasks everyday. However, as a business owner you need to be focusing your efforts on only the tasks that will make you money and delegating those tasks that are simply administrative or otherwise do not directly make you money.

There are only four tasks that will make you money. They are:

- Listing
- Prospecting
- Selling
- Negotiating

As you can see those four tasks are directly related to your clients. You are trying to attract clients, work with clients and make sales. These are the tasks that should be taking up the majority of your time.

A top agent knows that they need to be making the most of their time. If you want to be a top agent then you will access your business and access what you do on a daily basis. If you see that you are wasting your valuable skills doing tasks other than those four money making tasks, then it is time to make some changes.

In the end your goal is to make the most of your time and to make the most money for your business. Once you focus in on the four money making tasks you will start to see that is exactly what will happen.