Who are you? That little statement might bring to mind the opening scenes from CSI and the show’s theme song. However, it’s one of the most important questions that must be answered regarding your business. Folks should not have to be forensic investigators to find out who your company is and what you are about.

To grow a successful business, you must have a good marketing plan. Some real estate agents invest as much as 25% in marketing while others have average of 10% set aside in the budget. The greater the investment, the bigger the return.

You need to develop your company’s identity or “brand”. Who are you? Why should people care? What is it that sets you apart in an ocean of realtors? Why should someone choose your company over some other company? What can you provide that other companies can’t or don’t? According to Scott Davis of Brand Asset Management, consumers are exposed to over 6,000 advertisements in an average day. In order to get folks attention, you are going to have to get your “brand” out there.

A good marketing plan is more than just a great looking logo and a snappy tagline. While those elements are “key” in branding your company, it needs to go beyond that. There needs to be interaction with your target market. Emails, brochures, websites, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter or maybe running an ad on the side of a bus downtown are all ways of getting your “brand” out there.

Once you have answered the question or who you are and what you are about, you then need to acquire talented people to help you with design and outreach. We have some “out of the box” thinkers in our Marketing Department who can assist you in promoting your “brand”.