Do you know that there is a man who owns the moon? Like most people you probably thought the moon was just a part of the solar system, a piece of land that wasn't owned by anyone. You are wrong, my friend. The moon has been owned by a man named Jenaro Gajardo Vera since 1954.

This may be a myth, an urban legend, or simply a story someone made up, but no matter what, it is interesting. The story goes that Vera wanted to join a club, but the club was restricted to property owners. He owned no property so his application was denied.

He set out to find a way around this rule and came upon an idea to claim the moon as his property. It is said he got a deed and everything for it. There are even stories that Richard Nixon asked Vera's permission to land on the moon in 1969. it is also said that he got into some tax trouble for not claiming the property on his taxes.

There may be some truth to this story as there are records in Chile that he did file deeds on the moon. We may never know the complete truth, but it is fun to think that real estate could expand into untouched territory and bring many new and interesting opportunities for buyers.