When you think of preparing a home for sale have you ever added voodoo or an exorcism to your list of things to do? Not likely, but in this tough market, some agents see voodoo and exorcism as requirements to get a house sold. How about feng shui or a Native American cleansing? Believe it or not there are real estate agents all across the country trying these unconventional methods to get houses moving in a hard market.

Some agents are to the point where they will try anything to sell a home. There are stories of many crazy antics by agents who are just trying to get homes to sell by doing anything and everything. This means going beyond just doing perfect staging and open houses more often than usual. Some agents are stepping beyond reason and dipping into unconventional, sometimes controversial, means to sell a home.

The main thought behind such things a voodoo or cleansing rituals is to fix the bad energy in a home. Agents are trying something new. Since conventional methods of trying to sell a house just don't seem to be working they figure there is no harm in trying to get a good energy flow from a little feng shui or banishing bad energy or spirits through an exorcism.

Do you have a hard to sell home? Maybe it is bad energy that is holding you back from making the sale. It never really hurts to try, right? If you are getting desperate then maybe it is time to look into some of these unconventional methods to help you out.