Maybe you are tired of trying to sell houses. Maybe you want to sell something a bit more exciting or exotic. How about a private island? It may surprise you just how many private islands there are on the market right now.

Take Burnt Island. It is located off Alaska and offer five acres of serene peace. It is priced at about one million dollars and the word is that there has only been one previous owner.

While it may be easy to talk up this piece of land, show the beautiful pictures that have been taken on the island and brag about how nice it would be to own an island, you also have to be realistic.

Many of the private islands for sale on the market are nothing more than some forgotten land in the middle of an ocean. Burnt Island, for example, has a cabin that is said to be quaint and peaceful, but some digging around will reveal that cabin is nothing more than a shack. There are many reports of private islands not being anything like the listing says. From over pricing to overzealous descriptions, things are not always what they seem to be with these so-called serene and stunning pieces of land.

Selling a private island may have a bit of fantasy and whimsy about it, but if you are serious about making money in real estate you should stick to houses. You don't want the headaches that come with properties you really know nothing about.