The most expensive house in the world needs a new owner. The house is located in Germany and even has its own name – Waterkuken. Waterkuken is located in the city of Kampen and has been the home to many rich and famous people.

You may be thinking in this market it is hard to push your average home. How do you think it would be trying to sell this home that comes with a staggering price tag of $9 million? Maybe you think you could do it. Would you change your mind if I told you Waterkuken is only 322 square feet? Would you laugh at me?

Waterkuken is actually quite small. The price is not based on square foot, though. You are not really getting more room for your dollar with this house. It is all about the view. The house sits on a little over half an acre. It has views that span across the sea. The setting is quite mystical.

If you want a challenge, especially in today's market, then go ahead and try to sell Waterkuken. Give it a shot and see if you have the skills to sell just about anything.