Real estate agents do four types of work. These four types of work are:

- not doing anything
- doing what you should not be doing
- doing assistant work
- doing sales work

Top agents skip the first three types and focus their efforts on the last one. However, most agents spend too much time trying to spread themselves out over all four categories.

Agents not doing anything are wasting their valuable time. Maybe there is a lapse in demanding work, but that does not mean that there is nothing to do. There is always something to do and it should be sales related.

Doing work of an assistant is simply a waste of resources. If you are doing assistant work then what are your assistants doing? Are you paying people to sit around? If you do not have enough assistants then get more. You should never waste your talents on work that can be done by an assistant.

Focus in on sales work. That is what you should always be doing. If you think you have nothing to do then work on leads, touch base with clients or do something that will help further your business.

Wasting your time is not productive and not helping your business. Do not let busy work keep you from doing real work that is going to help you grow your business.