Many agents fail to see the many benefits of focusing in on client marketing. Instead agents are insistent upon sticking with lead generation as their main form of marketing. When you are willing to actually look at what client marketing gives you, then you will see that your efforts should be focused there instead.

Client marketing is more cost efficient than lead generation. With client marketing you are paying out at about 5% of your marketing costs and with lead generation you are paying out 10 to 30%. That is a huge savings right there.

That is not all, though. Client marketing is easier to manage and to delegate. It is much easier to track and measure your efforts. Plus it allows you to reap major benefits from your client database.

Let’s look at the financial aspects, since marketing is all about what you can gain. With client marketing you should generate 4 to 10 closed deals per year. That is a total of 20 to 50 closings per year. It is well worth your time and energy.

Client marketing is something that every agent must be doing. If you are not doing client marketing then you are missing out on the possibility of getting those guaranteed leads that will end up as closed deals and profit for your business.