Any good agent knows that establishing a personal connection with your clients is important. Sometimes making that personal connection doesn’t have to mean hours on the phone or tons of face time. Sometimes making a personal connection can be as simple as one small change in your direct marketing campaign.

Back before computers and telephones, people either communicated in person or through postal mail. Handwritten letters have given way to emails and it seems that that personal connection has been lost. Many people miss the personal feel of a handwritten letter and they yearn for those old days when people sent you something in the mail because they really wanted to reach out to you.

You can use this sense of nostalgia to help you make a big impact on your clients. You do not have to hand write out every flyer or letter you send. That would not only be time consuming, but we all know how handwriting is much more difficult to read than typed items. You can still type of your letters or other mailings to make them clean and easy to read, but you can insert a bit of familiarity by hand addressing your envelopes and other mailings.

Think of the impact it can make when a client goes to their mail and sees a hand addressed envelope. They will probably rush to open it just to see who sent them a letter. It will fuel their excitement and will help you to get their attention. This small change can make a big impact on your business and on your relationship with your clients.