It is just a common part of human nature to want to receive more than you give, but it is a habit that you must break. Anyone who is top in their business knows the key is about giving more than taking. When you adopt a giving attitude you will see changes in how people approach you and how they treat you.

So, how do you give more than you take? It is actually quite simple. Approach all interactions with others by thinking about what you can do for them instead of thinking about what you want from them. If you only give a little that is fine. Soon you will develop a natural approach to giving and it will become second nature.

When you give to others they will appreciate you more and be more willing to help you out when you do need something. It can be difficult at first to develop a habit of giving, but it is so worth it in the long run. Start today by giving something - an idea, a helping hand - to everyone you interact with today and do not ask for anything in return. You will be amazed at the results.